What inspired me to become a Frontend Developer?

What inspired me to become a Frontend Developer?


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Let me introduce myself before we begin.

I'm Dhairya Shah, a 16-year-old passionate and self-taught frontend web developer who aspires to be a successful developer.

I have learned and worked with the following skills:

  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • React/NextJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Git/GitHub
  • MongoDB/Firebase/PlanetScale/Supabase

โœจ The beginning of my journey

I've always been a tech enthusiast, and I enjoy working and experimenting with computers. It all started in 2018 (when I was 12 years old).

One day, I went to a workshop where they teach different useful things used in daily life. As said before, I have always been a tech enthusiast, so I went to the Computer & Electronics section. I met the tutor there who was instructing on MS Word, Excel, Paint, and other fundamentals.

The teacher inquired about my learning objectives. I responded by saying, "Please teach me something different. I already know all of these things."

The tutor introduced me to HTML, which was absolutely new to me. She began with the most fundamental HTML, which I found to be really fascinating. My actual adventure of tech journey starts here.

After getting introduced to basic HTML, I started searching YouTube for "how to create a website with html". I watch tutorial videos instead of course videos. While watching the tutorial video I exactly write the code in the video in Microsoft Notepad on a 15-year-old desktop PC. I continued doing this process and one day I was able to write HTML and CSS on my own.


Now, I've started learning Javascript from Sololearn. Practiced javascript, watched tutorial videos, wrote code on my own and took many references from Stackoverflow and W3Schools. Finally, I was able to write and understand Javascript on my own.


After learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I sharpened my skills by again watching tutorial videos writing the same code simultaneously. Watched and practiced lots of tutorial videos of HTML/CSS/JS.

I used to take the printout of my code and store it in a folder as a bizarre way to back up my code since I wasn't known about GitHub at the time. It's a secret between us, don't tell anyone ๐Ÿคซ

During the COVID-19 Lockdown, I utilized my time learning React from Scrimba. After practice, I have mastered React ๐Ÿ…. After finishing React, I started learning Next.js from their official website. After sufficient practice, I also mastered Next.js ๐Ÿ….

Further, I've learned:

  • Database (MongoDB/Supabase/Firebase/PlanetScale)
  • Tailwind CSS
  • A New Framework (Astro)

and still learning new things...

After gaining all the skills, I've contributed to Open Source during Hacktoberfest, participated in Hackathons, and written technical articles.

All this made me become a Frontend Developer at the age of 16 years.

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