Top 5 Popular React Packages

Top 5 Popular React Packages


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1. React Responsive

  • Make React application without the use of CSS, make sure to check Responsive library.

React Responsive Check out: react-responsive

2. React Query

  • It can help to cut down code when making a network request with React
  • Easily fetch, cache and update data in your React applications

React query

Check out: React Query

3. React Hook Form

  • It is the most user-friendly library
  • All functionality you want in a form library is provided in a simple hook - useForm() which helps a lot when building forms. react hook form

Check out: React Hook Form

4. Ant-Design

  • It speeds up your development time by reducing the not reliable styling Ant-Design

Check out: Ant-Design

React DnD

  • Here, DnD represents Drag and Drop
  • It offers a user to drag and drop experience, which might be useful while uploading files or changing layout, etc...

React DND

Check out: React DnD

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