The shortest and best way to add two string numbers that you probably don't know


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const x = "5"
const y = "4"

const z = x + y

This won't work, because adding string concatenates the string and therefore the output of the code will be "54" and not 9

In this article, I will discuss two methods to add string numbers.

Using parseInt()

const x = "5"
const y = "4"

const z = parseInt(x) + parseInt(y)

Here, the string gets parsed to a number, therefore the output of this code must be 9 as both x and y variables are converted to a number.

If you use parseInt() with words and letters it will return - NaN and it stands for Not a Number.

This method was pretty simple to use, but now we go for a much simpler way.

Using the unary plus operator - Best method

As discussed above, we can't just add two string numbers with the + operator. But there's a way to add two string numbers with the + operator.

Let me show you,

const x = "5"
const y = "4"

const z = +x + +y

Using the + operator alone before an element indicates a math operation and tries to convert the element to a number, and if it fails to do - it will return NaN

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