Simple ways to convert a string into a number

Simple ways to convert a string into a number


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Today, I am here with a basic topic for my beginner friends and javascript revisers. Happy Reading!

In this article, I will be discussing a few methods to convert a string into a number.


const x = "5"

parseInt(x) // 5

You can easily convert a string to a number with parseInt(). If you pass any word or a letter in parseInt() then it will return Nan - Not a Number


In JavaScript, the Number() method converts the value to a number and if the value failed to convert then it will return NaN.

const x = "5"


Plus (+) unary operator

const x = "5"

const num = +x

Using the + operator alone before an element indicates a math operation and tries to convert the element to a number, and if it fails to do - it will return NaN

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