Do you know history.back() in JavaScript?

Do you know history.back() in JavaScript?

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So, we all surf the internet to watch YouTube videos and Stackoverflow and many more. And we usually click "←" this button to go back to the previous website.

back button

Do you know? You can create the same functionality of "←" this button of browser in Javascript 🔥

Let's create a back button

<button>Go Back</button>

It's time to make it functional ✌️

  • Add onclick attribute to the button
  • Here's the final and little code 🙂
    <button onclick="history.back()">Go Back</button>

How does this work?

The history.back() method loads the previous URL from the history list. It will only work if the previous page exists.

Try it live by yourself: Live demo (Open this link in this tab only since it will create a previous page 🙂 )

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