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How to create gradient text with Tailwind CSS

How to create gradient text with Tailwind CSS

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·Sep 7, 2022·

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In this article, I will teach you the simplest way to add gradient text with Tailwind CSS.

Let's do it!

We need to understand a few Tailwind CSS Classes in order to generate gradient text:

  • bg-gradient-to-br from-pink-300 via-purple-300 to-indigo-400 this class will give the gradient background to the text. gradient background

  • text-transparent will make the text transparent. Text transparent

  • bg-clip-text will crop an element’s background to match the shape of the text. Gradient text
<div class="text-5xl font-bold bg-gradient-to-r from-pink-500 to-violet-500 bg-clip-text text-transparent">
    It's a gradient text

If you're interested check out the live version, please do check the attached Codepen:

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